“You have an idea how the hotel or restaurant should look...”

Style and Design

Hotel Sign

But is it practical, how much should it cost, do you need a designer, which suppliers could you use…? Interior design for hotels and restaurants can be expensive, especially if not thought out in advance.

There’s an apocryphal story about a new build hospital – the designer specified some great looking, cutting edge lifts with seriously stylish chrome doors. In they went, and apparently, they looked fantastic. On the opening trial day, the first trollies were wheeled into the hospital, arrived at the lift, and the porter, (even though having never qualified for the Krypton factor), realised very quickly that none of their trollies would ever fit in the lifts. The hospital opened six months late…

Tim has helped with hotel design throughout his projects. He not only offers a practical angle to proceedings but can offer the creative catalyst to start the enjoyable process of making your property instantly noticeable and stylish.

Interior design for hotels and restaurants – it needs to look great, but be practical.