“Service, style and operations driving performance and cashflow.”


Tim House

Combining business sense, common sense, best practices, experience and understanding, Tim House offers a diverse range of skills to enable owners and operators to maximise the potential of their properties, whether hotels or restaurants.

The client has the opportunity to ask for specific areas of advice, reports or action, such as viability studies, business plans, forecasts, mystery shopper surveys, recruitment. Alternatively, they can choose to use Tim House’s experience holistically, on a complete project or task, covering all areas. Owners who are keen to arm themselves with experience, knowledge and guidance, whilst maintaining complete control of the business and the financial outlay, often use Tim House as a part-time director over a set period of time.

There are numerous areas that may need addressing in the business. If any of the questions or comments under the sections on the right ring true, you may want to have a chat.

The use of a hotel consultant or a restaurant consultant does not necessarily lay a great financial burden on the company; conversely, it can save, or make, substantial amounts for the venture.

Travelling all around the UK, and often abroad, the consultancy has no geographical bounderies. However, Tim is well known and experienced as an expert in the Cotswolds, having looked after numerous start-ups, re-launches and troubleshooting around the area.

For new projects, where I am looking to add to the teams, have a look at my “Recruitment” tab above and see if there is something unusual that fits the bill for you.

2018: I am also in the process of starting up my own national company. It will create a group of UK based independent hotels in key locations. The team is currently being formed and once complete will consist of people who love what they do and know how to do it.

All information discussed or worked on with or by Tim House is confidential. Any possible conflicts of interest would be discussed before any sensitive matter is broached.

“Is everything going according to plan…?”


Tim House was recently Hotel Director for The Idle Rocks Hotel and the St. Mawes Hotel in Cornwall where he oversaw the development of the hotels, working with and controlling the teams picked to reconstruct the buildings, from rebuild to re-opening.

Are strategies in place for the future…? Is everyone happy…?” It is often useful to occasionally reassess the business, and in the process correct any parts of the operation that are not firing on all cylinders.

Whether it occurs at a natural break or needs to be made at a certain point, it is often preferable to bring in a new face to achieve a fresh start.

And finding out whether the staff are happy and satisfied in what they are being asked to do, the key to successful service, can often prove impossible when it is their employer asking them directly…

Tim is currently bringing these guidelines to the businesses he consults on, leading and developing stellar teams to provide effortless service.

“How will business fluctuate, and how do you adjust accordingly…?”

Business Forecasting

Crystal Ball

A drop in business levels, or alternatively an increase, generally needs immediate and decisive attention. When you have the financial business model in front of you at all times, this does not have to prove so much of an uphill battle as is often imagined.

Tim House can produce a full set of forecasts that are tailored for your business. Once in place, these can be used to view the ramifications of every fluctuation that the business may experience, as well giving a clear view of how to react to those changes.

Having a hotel consultant or a restaurant consultant look at this area of the business in an objective manner, rather than allowing yourself to plan how you would like things to work out, is a sensible and incisive move to make.

“Can it actually work...?”


It seems like a good idea, but will it really add up? What will it cost, what will it bring in, what do you borrow…?

Those “light bulb” moments invariably feel right. But it can be a different matter entirely when you sit down and consider EVERY nuance and factor that could, and would, affect the business’s viability. On the other hand it might well be that the plan IS fantastic. Either way, along the line, there are often a lot of people, a lot of investors, who will need to see, in black and white, just how good or how risky the venture really is.

That is the moment to run it past, talk it through or have it devised by your hotel and restaurant consultant.

“You need immediate, outside help...”


A senior manager leaves, results are unexpectedly down, the staff are revolting, or for some reason, you are unable to offer the services you normally do. There are countless scenarios, but immediate, outside help can often prove not only a relief, but a business saver.

Seeing the woods from the trees – not only can a fresh pair of experienced eyes see through the darkness, it’s often better they also become the one to deal with the problem, not jeopardising the long-term relationship of those left to work together after the corrective action has had to be taken…

This is where your hotel consultant, or restaurant consultant if applicable, the hotel troubleshooter if you like, gives you a dimension that may previously been missing.