“Thirty years in hotels – a unique approach to hotel consultancy.”


Tim House

Tim House’s belief is that hotels and restaurants only really succeed when the people who visit them and the people who work in them are happy, truly content.

The guests need to be surprised and delighted; to have their expectations well and truly trumped.

And the staff need to have understood and believe in the ethos of the product and all that it stands for. Just as importantly, they need to be happy.

When a venture is successful and profitable, those factors are almost invariably working in tandem.

However, it is often the case that one, some or all of these key elements are not working as they should be. It is also happens that more often than not, the problems are hard to detect from the inside.

So a relatively inexpensive examination of the business, from a qualified outsider, i.e. a hotel consultant or a restaurant consultant, acts as a catalyst for thought and action.

Not always “by-the-book”.


Gregory Peck

Tim House believes that hotels, and to a certain extent, restaurants, are a microcosm of life and therefore, in order to get the best out them, as businesses and operations, care and understanding are the keys to success.

His approach is not always “by-the-book” but more of a personal audit on everyone and everything involved, and a study of what they are being asked to do and how they manage that.

Tim often works alongside owners, as a shadow or as an inexpensive alternative to a full-time director, allowing that owner to run the company or venture themselves, secure in the knowledge that they have expert back-up and advice.

As an experienced hotelier and restaurateur, and now hotel and restaurant consultant, Tim House has been behind the scenes as well as in front of the guests, and he knows not only how to spot problems, but how to correct them with the least disruption to the business.

Looking after people…


All of Tim House’s “on-the-shop-floor” experience manifests itself in an ability to know which people are in the right place to do the right thing; and of course the same applies in reverse – wrong person, wrong position, or even wrong industry for them …

People are the fundamental life of the hospitality business, and if for any reason they have not been put first, the business will simply not operate as it should, or could.

Service, at every level, is what gives the platform for success; strategies, locations, design, comfort and luck are all integral, but without a naturally felt desire to look after people, all the aforementioned attributes lose some, if not most, of their power.