“Thirty years in hotels – a unique approach to hotel consultancy.”


Tim House

Tim House’s belief is that hotels and restaurants only really succeed when the people who visit them and the people who work in them are happy, truly content.

The guests need to be surprised and delighted; to have their expectations well and truly trumped.

And the staff need to have understood and believe in the ethos of the product and all that it stands for. Just as importantly, they need to be happy.

When a venture is successful and profitable, those factors are almost invariably working in tandem.

However, it is often the case that one, some or all of these key elements are not working as they should be. It is also happens that more often than not, the problems are hard to detect from the inside.

So a relatively inexpensive examination of the business, from a qualified outsider, i.e. a hotel consultant or a restaurant consultant, acts as a catalyst for thought and action.