“Simplicity and clarity, with results.”


So many aspects of the business have to be spot-on; when one fails, the others often follow.

Viability, quality and style, budgeting and forecasts, cost control, management information, first impressions, service levels, attitude, attention to detail, ability to react, training and retention, guest and staff happiness.

Address these, keep them on your radar at all times, while finding ways to improve upon them all, and there’s a fair chance of a stable, happy and profitable business. They all have problems attached to them, but then again, they all have solutions… and talking to a hotel consultant or a restaurant consultant is often the best step to take first.

Owners can also use Tim House as a part-time, but long-term, director or advisor, giving them an inexpensive solution to securing experience, knowledge and guidance whilst retaining full control of the business, and of course, the pay-roll.