“Simplicity and clarity, with results.”


So many aspects of the business have to be spot-on; when one fails, the others often follow.

Viability, quality and style, budgeting and forecasts, cost control, management information, first impressions, service levels, attitude, attention to detail, ability to react, training and retention, guest and staff happiness.

Address these, keep them on your radar at all times, while finding ways to improve upon them all, and there’s a fair chance of a stable, happy and profitable business. They all have problems attached to them, but then again, they all have solutions… and talking to a hotel consultant or a restaurant consultant is often the best step to take first.

Owners can also use Tim House as a part-time, but long-term, director or advisor, giving them an inexpensive solution to securing experience, knowledge and guidance whilst retaining full control of the business, and of course, the pay-roll.

An unbiased, third party assessment of a concept.


Following any initial introductory meeting or telephone call, consultancy can start with a one-off, pre-planned meeting whereby Tim House sets out a reasoned appraisal of whether the project in mind has the legs to take it to funding. Following that, a series of detailed plans and forecasts can be produced in association with the client to show potential investors. In summary; analysis, forecasts and conclusion of viability.

Complete or partial management of a new venture.


Hotel Utah Construction 1910

At the outset, most clients prefer to use Tim House as a consultant to help clarify what is required at the early stage – it is then possible to extend or amend the consultancy to either a short-term contract to complete specific parts of the set up or to discuss a fuller role, depending on the needs of the project and the requirements of the client.

Flexibility is the key, with the focus on transferring the clients’ vision and ethos into the working practices of the business.

Hands-on hotel and restaurant management.


Tim House joins a management team to either bridge a gap or to add strength to a team. The time can be used simply to keep the ship afloat and running as it has been while a permanent solution is found, or as a bridge to a new management set-up where the future changes are muted and introduced in preparation for new personnel.

Alternatively, a full shake-up and re-structuring can be overseen and executed when necessary.

The time, however short or extended, would be completed with a full client report on the establishment highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of the business.

A professional outsider’s analysis of the business.


This is the time to use a fresh and professional pair of eyes to identify where the weaknesses are, what caused them and how to eradicate them. A series of “undercover” visits to see the business from a guest’s point of view, followed up by an open and transparent audit.

Tim House visits and works with the team over a period of time; it is an immediate and all-involving way in which to tackle a problem. This invariably unearths issues that were not known of before. It can also allay fears by discovering that there is less wrong that previously thought.