Exclusive Use Luxury in Hampshire

Farleigh Wallop, Hampshire

One of the most exclusive and sought-after private retreats in the south of England, Farleigh Wallop is a secluded estate and house that has been designed, developed and managed to look after house parties, weekend breaks, corporate retreats, family get together and events. 

The owners originally asked Tim House to review the business model and operations, and to formulate a plan for its development. Having done this, he was then asked to oversee the critical path to peak performance  whilst managing the business development, administrational organisation, the actual offering and the operational organisation at the estate. 

Developing the business from a predominantly word-of-mouth starting point, Tim widened the awareness and appeal of Farleigh Wallop’s exclusive use through his contacts with professional agents and the sales & marketing experience and network of G P Associates. 

Developing a management team to handle the new level of enquiries and bookings brought the team to a new level of professionalism, he handed over the management to the in-house team with the business in the strongest position it had ever been in.