“Is everything going according to plan…?”


Tim House was recently Hotel Director for The Idle Rocks Hotel and the St. Mawes Hotel in Cornwall where he oversaw the development of the hotels, working with and controlling the teams picked to reconstruct the buildings, from rebuild to re-opening.

Are strategies in place for the future…? Is everyone happy…?” It is often useful to occasionally reassess the business, and in the process correct any parts of the operation that are not firing on all cylinders.

Whether it occurs at a natural break or needs to be made at a certain point, it is often preferable to bring in a new face to achieve a fresh start.

And finding out whether the staff are happy and satisfied in what they are being asked to do, the key to successful service, can often prove impossible when it is their employer asking them directly…

Tim is currently bringing these guidelines to the businesses he consults on, leading and developing stellar teams to provide effortless service.