“Are they right for the role, and once you have your team on board, will they learn the ropes…?”

Recruitment and Training

Will you meet and interview every candidate, and have the time to not only brief them on the ethos, but establish that THEY believe and are capable of carrying it out…?

It is often a good idea to have a second opinion from someone who won’t allow you to simply take someone on because you are desperate to fill the role at any cost. It is a false economy and the true price of it surfaces later, always at a time that feels remarkably inopportune… Tim House’s experience and expertise in the field of filling the role with the right person is born out by his strong record of staff retention over the years.

And once they are through door, it is easy to lose sight of them when you have to concentrate on the overall business – having someone who has been briefed and understands the ethos and service levels allows owners and operators to continue the project, safe in the knowledge that their staff and management are doing their part to order.

I also have roles in various establishments that need filling from time to time. Look at my “Recruitment” page later on and see what is there. Currently on the look out for a Management Couple for a stylish getaway in Wales, as well as a creative chef to look after a coastal cabin restaurant that is currently being set up.